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my plays

(a selected, non-comprehensive list)

“Attention to the meaning of the central male slang term for sexual intercourse—"fuck"— is instructive. To fuck a person is to have sex with them. To fuck someone in another context…means to hurt or cheat a person. And when hurled as a simple insult (“fuck you”) the intent is denigration and the remark is often a prelude to violence or the threat of violence. Sex in patriarchy is fucking. That we live in a world in which people continue to use the same word for sex and violence, and then resist the notion that sex is routinely violent and claim to be outraged when sex becomes overtly violent, is testament to the power of patriarchy.”

 ~ bell hooks, The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love

BRAWL! or stories for boys who never learned to be gentle


READING, Dramaturg: Emma Durbin (2020)

AWARD, Semi-Finalist for GPS, Shattered Globe Theatre

An electric chair. A creaky floor. Thousands of pounds of dirt.
For more than 15 years, John and Louise have been torn between uprooting themselves and the lives they know and planting themselves even deeper into their house and routine. But after tragedy strikes, husband and wife must determine whether bodies can ever be laid to rest and if memories are enough to bring a house to its knees.


PRODUCTION, Dir. Stephanie Lebolt (2020)

READING, Dir. Ben Raanan (2019)

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Sometimes all we want is to be lost at sea. Sometimes all we want is to escape the world we've known. And sometimes, when faced with a plan to do both, we just can't. 


WORKSHOP, Dir. Madison Fargo (2018)

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